Bisetti’s kind of mills

Our selection of salt and pepper mills offers a wide variety of devices that adapt to any context and any table. Starting from the legno collection we come across the more classical and traditional models backed up by more linear new collections named after the most beautiful Italian cities. The acrylic line employs modern materials whose transparency does not weigh down the decoration of the table. Furthermore, this material acts as a highlight that is bound to be noticed. Another innovative line, together with the electric one, that connects spices and technology, is the icons collection: peculiar shapes, like those of Chess pieces, Matryoshka, or Skittles, are given to pepper and salt mills and thereby adding color and joy to meals.


The pepper and salt mills of the Bisetti wood collection are made of a mixture of beech, olive and bamboo wood paired with pure design. A wide selection of shapes and finishes hide a wooden heart: the main raw material is beech, a wood with strong mechanical characteristics. Natural beech or walnut stained beech are chosen for the Roma line while soft lines and soft touch finishes represent the Rimini models. The Firenze, in lacquered beech of vibrant colors such as shiny red, mahogany and black, combines those details that stand out in a fancy restaurant or kitchen. Among the other lines the Imperia is very special with its wood type changes and transformations into olive with its strong contrasts created by its dark marbling. The models of each line come with mills of various lengths, ranging from 8 cm to 1 m.


Simplicity has always been the best recipe for any dish, in particular when it comes to the use of few but fine ingredients in order to heighten the flavor, which is the aim of the new culinary schools. With this goal in mind the pepper and salt mill collection acrylic tends to preserve the freshness of the ingredients, displaying the aesthetic of the spices. A single product can be used for different purposes, creating sets with several combinations of colors and flavors. The acrylic design collection displays various shapes, from the most traditional like the Milano line one, to more linear shapes of the Como and Urbino lines. In addition to the high performance of the acrylic material the entire transparent variety of pepper and salt mills offers a diverse range of dimensions from 9 cm to 14.5 cm, to 32 cm and many others.



What is Icons? Simply the best. Products that represent and are reminiscent of timeless lifestyles, come to life in the Bisetti Icons series. A skittle, a football player, a king chess piece are the new designs for pepper and salt mills. Colors, quality of the material and sculpted profiles are trademarks of this collection. Lacquered finishes in a multitude of colors: the black silhouette of a Matryoshka, the vibrant red of a vase, the electric blue of the football player of the Calcetto line, the high quality of the wood, offer a sensorial experience typical of an exotic village for a rare quality-price ratio.