Our story begins in 1945, in the wake of the typical craftsmanship of the Strona Valley and of the villages that overlook the eastern shore of the Lake Orta.

The combination of mastery and skillful local artisan tradition, with the most modern machineries and equipment, guarantees the high-quality standards that the market of the new millennium requires.
The move to the new and modern Omegna factory starting from 2018 has allowed the technological development necessary to guarantee the production volumes that the enhancement of Made in Italy is generating.

The evolution towards an “eco” product born with FSC certification continued with the transition to a “green” company through the modern suction and reuse system of processing waste for heating the entire plant that allows independence from traditional energy sources and a low carbon footprint.

The company is one of the few that still continues to produce wooden table and kitchen items in Italy.


In case of defectiveness occurring during the warranty period, please send an email to
Please refrain from calling our office as the service is externally managed in outsourcing. Only requests via mail will be taken in charge.

What to do in case of defectiveness, unintentional events excluded (no warranty provided for them):
1. Please send an email to indicating the defective item code and what the defect consists of. Please also provide a picture of the defective product together with the purchase receipt in order to attest the validity of the warranty.
2. Only after our instructions, please return the item with priority mail to the address we will give you
We will repair your returned item in a few days and resend it to you for free. No freight charge will be applied.
Please be informed that repairing or replacement will be carried out only in case of defectiveness of the product (unintentional events or misusage are not to be considered).
Please also inform us with your complete delivery address and mobile phone, which is necessary for the success of the delivery.