Cooking Stones

The ollar stone is an ancient cooking system, revisited here with a modern design. An ancient way of cooking combined with the experience of modernity. The fiery stone can be used directly on the table, so that it preserves the quality of food that has just been removed from the fire.

Chromed frames with wooden handles

Part of the line are also: chromed frames with wooden handles perfect for modern styled houses and supports made of wood dyed with flame to meet different needs. Ollar stones, as well as their supports have different sizes and shapes: small rectangular (16x 20 cm), big (25×40 cm), squared (25×25 cm), round (30 cm in diameter).



Cooking without oil

This type of stone allows to experience a kind of cooking without oil, butter or other fats that are normally used. For a better aesthetic experience and comfort, Bisetti has developed different supports to transport these stones and use them in the best way.