Bisetti Rectangular Cooking Stone with Chromed Frame & Wood Handles, 9.75 x 15.75-Inches

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Bisetti cooking stones are ideal to grill meat, vegetables, cheese or other food, using just a drop of oil: once heated up on the cooker, they can be directly placed on the table as cooking surfaces, by making use of a little cooker to keep the obtained heat constant.

But, before using the stone for cooking, it must be subject to a preventive treatment. This latter is only required once before using it for the first time and has not to be repeated: the use itself of the product will serve as maintenance.

Once completed the treatment, the stone will change color from light grey to black. To clean, simply use a sponge, rinsing the stone under warm running water. Any dry residue can be removed using a sponge with salt, without using abrasives.

The instructions can be summarized as follows:

  • Oil the stone on both sides.
  • Put the stone into the oven still cold and heat it up for half an hour at a temperature of 150°C.
  • Let the stone get cold till room temperature, repeat the oiling and put it into the oven again for other 30 minutes, but this time at a temperature of 200°C.
  • Once reached again the room temperature and washed, the slab will be ready for use both on the cooker and on the oven.
  • Material: 50% talcum, 50% magnesite and other pure minerals
  • Excellent thermal properties. It gets hot slowly and uniformly, cooking food with the whole surface and not only with the bottom.
  • Once reached the ideal temperature, it can keep it with a low flame, favoring also the energy saving.
  • When it is removed from the fire, it gets cold slowly the same, keeping the food warm for a long time.
  • The natural non-stick properties prevent the food from burning or sticking to the surfaces and this makes the cooking stone cleaning easier at the same time.
  • Being not subject to the action caused by alkaline acids, its composition remains unchanged and makes it odorless and tasteless, avoiding possible food contamination by any residue. So the food taste is naturally enhanced, preserving at the same all organoleptic qualities.
  • Dimensions: 9.75 x 15.75-In
  • Made in Italy

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